Salt Lakes & Volcanoes

Salt Lakes & Volcanoes –
Motorcycle Trip to Bolivia

Bolivia – Argentina – Chile

Now All Inclusive*


19 days / 18 nights


4 – 10 Riders


4.000 km

Amazing Motorbike Tour in the Central Andes

Bolivia by Bike

This three week motorbike adventure trip will take you to the scenic Andes of northern Argentina, northern Chile and southwest Bolivia.

It is packed with highlights: be dazzled by the infinite whiteness of the Uyuni Salt Lakes, gaze up in awe at gigantic volcanoes, be amazed by the power of geysers, explore ancient Indian ruins, remote Andean villages and a whole lot more!

Get to know La Paz and Lake Titicaca with its picturesque island Isla del Sol. Enjoy riding through these lonely landscapes!

Salt Lakes & Volcanoes Motorcycle Tour

The best Motorcycle choice

The trip is suitable for any experienced motor-biker with some basic off-road experience. People having lung, heart or blood circulation problems should consult their doctor for the altitude.


75 hp
210 kg
820 mm seat hight
19” front wheel

All inclusive*

11.900 US$

Low seat hight, good handling on road, suitable for gravel.


798 cc
85 hp
220 kg
880 mm seat hight
21” front wheel

All inclusive*

12.700 US$

Best for gravel, good handling, not heavy, high seat.


115 hp
240 kg
850 mm seat hight
19” front wheel

All inclusive*

13.500 US$

Good handling, recommended for riding with passenger.


All inclusive*

5.600 US$


1.500 US$

* Services included in the all inclusive package
Services NOT included
Salt Lakes & Volcanoes Motorcycle Tour

Travel itinerary

The Salt Lakes & Volcanoes Motorcycle Tour starts at the airport in Salta, where you will be picked up and brought in the Hotel from where the motorbike tour starts next day.

A winding road across a woody landscape takes us to the city of Jujuy. From here, the road leads into the picturesque valley of Quebrada de Humahuaca.

We will climb La Cuesta de Lipán, a pass which takes us to 4180m above sea level where we’ll find the plains of La Puna and the salt flats of Salinas Grandes. After crossing the Argentinean Puna which is more than 4000m above sea level, we arrive in Chile and the town of San Pedro de Atacama, an oasis situated in the driest desert on earth: the Atacama desert.

We’ll go for a ride and watch the sunset in the Valle de la Luna.

Riding our motorbikes through the Atacama Desert we reach the Pacific Ocean. On a winding motorway, we will border the coast to the beach town of Iquique. We continue our bike ride crossing three deep canyons before we climb up into the mountains on a twisty tarmac road to the town of Putre, lying on 3500 m at the entrance to the Lauca National Park.

A very scenic road takes us through the Lauca National Park and the highest mountain of Bolivia, the volcano Sajama, as we ride on to Lake Titicaca with stunning views on the mountain range of the Cordillera Real.

Crossing a narrow stretch of the lake on an adventurous wooden “ferry” get’s to the town of Copacabana at the shores of Lake Titicaca. Riding back to La Paz, we make a detour and stop at the ruins of Tiahuanaco, one of the best preserved Pre-Inca ruins before riding into the highest capital city of the world.

The ones who are in for an adventure ride can join us and ride down into the Yungas on the “Death Road“! Over the plains and through colourful mountains ride takes us on a twisting tarmac road to Potosí, a mining town famous throughout Spanish colonial times, for its legendary mountain Cerro Rico “The Rich Mountain”.

After an enjoyable ride through the Bolivian mountains we get to the Uyuni Salt Flats. As we drive across the seemingly endless Salar de Uyuni you’ll be dazzled by the unearthly lights and bizarre salt formations and you’ll be fascinated by the easy ride on the almost endless plains of this white sea of salt!

We snake through the Andes on winding gravel tracks to reach the pleasant town of Tupiza with it’s warmer climate.

We cross into Argentina again, leave behind the plains of the Puna and travel through la Quebrada de Humahuaca where we visit the charming town of Humahuaca, the famous church of Uquia and the Tropic of Capricorn.

The winding cornice route through the lush cloud forests of Jujuy finally brings us back to Salta where we end the journey with a well deserved“asado” on courtesy of Horizonte Tours.

*Note: The tour operator reserves himself to make changes or adjustments to the itinerary at any time.

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Our Tours are suitable for any experienced motorbike rider. You should have a riding experience of at least 10.000 km altogether and some 2.000 km over the last year. Off-Road experience is only necessary for as “difficult” marked tours, although some off-road riding experience of course is advisable.

Usually from all over the world you first have to fly to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. From there you go on a local flight to your starting destination. Depending on the tour you chose this would be Salta, San Carlos de Bariloche, Ushuaia or Mendoza.

There are two airports in Buenos Aires: The international airport Ezeiza (EZE) and the city airport Aeroparque (AEP). Usually you will arrive in Ezeiza, go through immigration, get your bags, go through customs. Then you probably have to change to the local airport Aeroparque to go on your local flight. You need to have 3-4 hours minimum between the arrival and take off if you change Airports in Buenos Aires

The tour begins with your arrival at the starting location. E.g. if the tour is dated 1.1.2025 – 10.1.2025, we meet in the evening of the 1st of January for briefing, handover of the motorbikes, welcome dinner, and you can catch a flight back on the 10th of January to fly back home.

You can take your flight back home on the date indicated as ending date. That is the day after the last riding day

It is recommended to get to the starting location one day earlier, we happily make a reservation for the room extension for you.

All the hotel nights with breakfast on the tour are included. Starting with the night of the meeting, handover of motorbikes and welcome dinner, ending with the hotel night of the last riding day.

You will need a decent riding gear, clothing for all kinds of weather and moderate temperatures, sun protection, personal items. 

  • Paperwork: It is necessary that you have a passport valid for at least another 6 months, a valid drivers license for big motorcycles, vaccination documents, credit card with min. 4.000US$ credit for the guarantee deposit.
  • Money: Cash US$ Dollars is the best to have. You can change US$ cash dollars in most towns, but they will not be taken as payment. Everything you want to purchase during your stay will have to be paid in local currency. 

    ATMs are found in bigger towns and cities, but you will be restricted to extract a small amount of cash each transaction, but you will be charged high bank fees.

    Credit cards are useless outside big hotels and restaurants, most shops don’t accept credit or debit cards.

Apart from the big cities, South America is safer than expected. It is very safe to travel in the countries we go to. In the mayor cities you have to take care of pick pocketers and scams as everywhere, but no violent crimes are to be expected.

The official language in all South America is Spanish, except for Brazil. English is understood and rudimentary spoken in Hotels, Restaurants and other touristic locations. Anywhere else you would need to speak and understand Spanish to communicate. 

You need an international health insurance that does not exclude motorcycling. It has to cover any possible hospitalisation, surgery, medicine and/or repatriation costs. It also has to cover explicitly COVID 19.

  • Vaccination: For Chile and Argentina there are no obligations for vaccinations expect Covid 19.

    Bolivia has an obligation for yellow fever vaccination but it is not controlled in the mountain areas where we are entering the country. 

    COVID 19: Travel rules due to the Covid 19 Pandemic are different from country to country and are changing frequently. With an internationally accepted vaccination proof it is possible to travel in most countries lately.

Due to the ongoing SarsCov2 Pandemic we are frequently adjusting to the changing rules worldwide and in Argentina. It is very important that you check the travel rules of your home country but also the ones you are traveling to.

If travel rules of the affected countries by your travel will make it impossible to participate on a tour with us, we will refund any payments you have made to us.

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