Morocco Motorcycle Tour

Morocco Motorcycle Tour – Adventure with Culture

Morocco – Spain


14 nights /15 days


4 – 10 Riders


3.300 km


Amazing Experience

Our Morocco motorcycle tour leads us to the biggest highlights of Morocco. We get to little mountain villages with vibrating markets. We ride mountain passes over the Atlas Mountains several times and visit impressive canyons and waterfalls. The amazing cities of Fez and Marrakech are not left out; we go to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. 

Nothing is missing out on our Morocco motorcycle tour – nice hotels, great food, culture, history, and a big deal of great rides in stunning landscapes!

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Services included
Services NOT included

The best Motorcycle choice

The trip is suitable for any experienced motor-biker with some basic off-road experience. 





820 mm seat height

19 “ front wheel

All inclusive


Low seat height, good handling on road, suitable for gravel.

Honda Africa Twin


75 HP

226 kg

850 mm seat hight

21 “ front wheel

All inclusive


The classic travel motorbike. Big front whell, good seating position, agile and Off Road friendly.



136 HP

249 kg

850 mm seat hight

19 “ front wheel

All inclusive


Good handling, comfortable, recommended for riding with passenger





Travel itinerary

On arrival at Malaga airport we pick you up and bring you to the hotel from where your Morocco motorbike tour leaves the next day.

First we follow the coast line in a westerly direction and then climb a beautiful winding road, perfect a motorbike ride. Then we rid directly to the port of Algeciras – at the horizon you can already see the coastline of Morocco – Africa here we come!


At the border station we take care of the immigration formalities and then ride on a beautiful winding route. We pass the old royal city of Meknes and scrape the edges

of the High Atlas. We stop at the largest waterfalls in Morocco and reach to the “pearl of the south” – Marrakech.


The High Atlas towers in front of us. What could be better than riding this great mountain range on a motorcycle?! After crossing the peak of the High Atlas, the vegetation changes drastically: welcome to the desert. We ride through the Canyons of Dades and Todra, definitely an unforgettable experience.


The incredible sand dunes of Erg Chebbi are our destination and the night at the desert camp is the crowning glory of this Morocco motorcycle tour. Words cannot describe this dazzling and awe-inspiring spectacle: sunrise in the desert. Everywhere silence, vastness, the immaculate sand mountains, the stars above us – and then it starts: slowly, as if in slow motion, the edge of the corona appears at the horizon. The sun rises over the desert.


Now the journey takes us back north. After our desert experience, the first small forests and the roadside fruit stands look unreal. We make a short stop in Ifrane, the Moroccan “St. Moritz” before we reach the old royal city of Fez. We still have to cross the Rif mountains to reach the Mediterranean coast line again. The road winds its way into

the center of the Rif mountains and to El-Jebha on the coast.

On the following coastal road, our Morocco motorcycle tour takes us on never-ending curves back to Spain.

Do you have any question?

Our Morocco motorcycle tours is suitable for any experienced motorbike rider. You should have a riding experience of at least 10.000 km altogether and some 2.000 km over the last year. Off-Road experience is not.

Starting and ending point of our Morocco motorcycle Tour is Malaga in Spain. There are daily flights from most European cities.

The tour begins with your arrival at the starting location. E.g. if the tour is dated 1.1.2025 – 10.1.2025, we meet in the evening of the 1st of January for briefing, handover of the motorbikes, and welcome dinner, and you can catch a flight back on the 10th of January to fly back home.

You can take your flight back home on the date indicated as the ending date. That is the day after the last riding day

It is recommended to get to the starting location one day earlier, we happily make a reservation for the room extension for you.

All the hotel nights with breakfast on the tour are included. Starting with the night of the meeting, handover of motorbikes, and welcome dinner. Ending with the hotel night of the last riding day.

You will need decent riding gear, clothing for all kinds of weather and moderate temperatures, sun protection, personal items. 

  • Paperwork: It is necessary that you have a passport valid for at least another 6 months, a valid drivers license for big motorcycles, vaccination documents, credit card with min. 2.000 € credit for the guarantee deposit.

Money: ATMs are found in bigger towns and cities. Credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and bigger shops.

It is safe to travel to Morocco, especially the countryside where we spend most of the time. In the major cities, you have to take care of pickpocketers and scams everywhere, but no violent crimes are to be expected.

The official language are Arabic and French. English is understood and rudimentary spoken in Hotels, Restaurants and other touristic locations. Anywhere else you would need to speak and understand French to communicate. 

  • Health insurance: You need an international health insurance that does not exclude motorcycling. It has to cover any possible hospitalisation, surgery, medicine and/or repatriation costs.
  • Vaccination: There are no obligations for vaccinations.
  • COVID 19: Travel rules due to the Covid 19 Pandemic are different from country to country and are changing frequently. With an internationally accepted vaccination proof it is possible to travel in most countries lately.

Available dates

29.03.2025 12.04.2025
14.03.2026 28.03.2026
Discover your dream trip!

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