INOUBLIABLE !! Les treize jours de Bariloche à Ushuaia ont passé trop vite !! C ‘était génial !! J’étais passagère derrière mon compagnon et c’était super de partager ces moments sur les routes et les pistes. A deux cela n’était pas toujours évident avec le vent mais on s’est éclaté. La ruta 40 restera un souvenir rare et particulier. Les paysages sont aussi variés que magnifiques et on ne se lasse pas de tracer la route. Les passages au Chili sont très bien et permettent de connaître un autre pays. On a vraiment l’impression de vivre une aventure lointaine. On a très mangé des viandes délicieuses, bu des vins excellents( surtout le Malbec) et bien rigolé. Expérience à renouveler dans un autre pays d’Amérique latine…je l’entends, elle m’appelle chao
Francine. Patagonie Sud, Fevrier 2011



En tant que fan du ” Dakar ” et aussi argentin, je ne pouvais pas laisser passer l’opportunité de voir la course en Argentine et surtout de le faire en moto. Quelques craintes me sont venues à l’esprit en faisant une réservation sur internet, mais ces pensées ont été très vite effacées en voyant le professionnalisme de toute l’équipe (organisation, guide et mécanicien) et l’état des motos presque toutes neuves (modèles 2010 !!).
Le tour s’est déroulé dans une super ambiance, j’ai pu y trouver les pistes que j’attendais (en gravier, sable et sel) qu’on ne trouve pas en Suisse. J’ai pu assister à quelques étapes du Dakar et même rencontrer quelques participants. Chaque journée finissait par des échanges d’expériences autour d’un bon repas et de bières bien fraiches. Je rentre à la maison avec la tête bien remplie de belles images et plein de bons souvenirs.
Cela a été mon premier tour avec Horizonte, mais sûrement pas le dernier.
Guillermo Martinez. Dakar, Janvier 2011


Genève, Suisse

Merci à Mathias et toute son équipe de nous avoir organisé cette magnifique ballade dans les Andes. L’idée de marier de superbes étapes de montagne dans des paysages andins époustouflants avec la visite de sites historiques principalement au Pérou est brillante. Quel plaisir de cruiser à moto à 4000 mètres d’altitude le nez en l’air tellement c’est beau, découvrir ce qui reste de la civilisation inca et s’imprégner des principales étapes de la colonisation espagnole dans cette partie du monde. Quelle cure de désintoxication d’enchainer de belles routes en lacets pendant plus de 4500 km sans un seul radar !! La bonne humeur de notre guide Matias, une organisation pro et des motos en parfait état ont fait le reste. Très heureux d’avoir inauguré ce nouveau tour pour Horizonte.
Machu Picchu Tour, Septembre 2010



I would be very happy to recommend Mathias’s tour and happy to go with him again. It was well organized and having local knowledge he took us to places that not many people see. They were very concerned about safety and rode at sensible speeds, they kept the bikes in top running condition considering the circumstances and lack of support from the local Honda supplier. The meals and accommodation were excellent and Mathias was a great host. He knew the best places to eat and knew his wines we had some really memorable meals at night. Overall the tour was a fantastic adventure. Ruta 40, 25 days from Ushuaia to Salta, February 2010



Thank you Horizonte Tours for a truly remarkable and memorable experience! The Desert/Water/Wine tour was perhaps the most fun I have ever had. There is no better way to see Argentina – an amazingly beautiful country with many diverse landscapes. Mathias & Matias are very knowledgeable about the people and history of Argentina and their cultural lessons dispersed throughout the long ride really made the experience more genuine and interesting. Horizonte’s experience running tours through this country is apparent from their intimate knowlege of the local roads, hotels, restaurants, and people. I have done moto tours in South America with another larger, more expensive company and my experience with Horizonte easily stands out as the best. What separates them most is their extensive knowledge of the local culture and countryside. With Horizonte, I always felt assured we were on the proper route and the bikes were properly maintained/inspected each day for safety. I hope to return someday to do another tour with Horizonte – only next time I will do an entire month instead of just ten days. Desert, Water, Wine – from Bariloche to Salta, March 2010


Oregon, USA

This trip was clearly the best organised of any our group has done over the years, so many thanks again. Having taken annual motorbike tours on various continents with various companies and under varying circumstances for years, we have experience of the logistical difficulties. Not only were your organisational logistics impeccable, but your selection of restaurants and hotels was superb as well. It was also very clear that you know your terrain, since when last second on-the-road adjustments were required due to changing weather conditions or other surprises, you were very quickly able to put in place perfectly acceptable alternative arrangements. Discipline with flexibility is to be respected. Desert, Water, Wine Tour, October 2009



Wow, what a great time and what a fun and entertaining guide (considering Mat is German and all). This past trip to Patagonia has been my second guided tour with Mathias and he has delivered a great trip and a wonderful experience each time. There are many places around the globe we could have chosen for our annual international motorcycle tour but chose to visit Patagonia because of the our previous experience with Mathias and the opportunity to tour the Andes. We all left Argentina feeling we had definitely made the right choice. What are you waiting for, give them a call, you won’t regret it! Desert, Water, Wine Tour, March 2009



After researching holiday options on the internet I came across Horizonte Tours based in Salta, Argentina. What they offered seemed to fit the bill perfectly so at the end of November John, Colin and I set off on our trip. In Salta in the north of the country we met up with Mathias the owner of Horizonte Tours and our guide for the next 8 days. I have to say that this tour has been one of the highlights of my life – I will never forget it. It took us to a part of the world that is not on the main tourist route, and we visited places that not even most tourists to Argentina would go to. Moreover the organisation of the trip was faultless – everything ran with Teutonic efficiency, the hotels, were superb and having Mathias, a qualified geologist, as a guide was marvellous. He does have a great sense of humour – yes I know he is German – but he was also very helpful and informative and his local knowledge, in all aspects Argentinean – rocks, culture and food to name but three – proved invaluable. I would have no hesitation recommending this tour to anyone who likes adventures and holidays out of the ordinary. You will also eat the best steaks in the world. What a place! Valleys & Puna Tour, November 2007



Our own personal tour took place over the Christmas period 2006/7 and we travelled on a 12 day trip from Salta to Tucuman, the Calchaquí Valleys and the Puna desert of Jujuy. Both Phil and I had the time of our lives with Matt and Louis. The continuous banter was great fun which was the icing on the cake for us. We found Northern Argentina a fascinating and wonderful experience with the local people being very accommodating. The riding was excellent with a great variation in terrain and scenery and Matt knowledge of the areas we visited was exceptional also he has a great palette for wine which we were grateful for!! If anyone wants to speak to me Matt has my details. Valleys & Puna Tour, December 2006



It’s really hard to synthesize such a strong experience in a few words. A perfect cocktail of driving, road, offroad, adventure,confort,food,wine,landscapes,people,culture,surprises and what else you can imagine. Every day you turn on your bike, you already know that is going to be completely different by the previous and full of things you’ve never seen in your life and never tought to find in Argentina. Mathias,thanks to his experience and hard work, will not just drive you around beautiful roads where you be able to enjoy every kind of driving,but he will drive you into the people and they’re culture,to understand how they live and think. We left for a four-day tour and finish with an eigth-day tour!Every day you just want some more. Higly raccomended the long tours,there is so much to see! I’ll be back for sure!” Valleys & Puna Tour, November 2006



Having never been to South America, we spent much time considering what tour company we could trust. We wanted a company that could provide an experienced guide, well maintained bikes, and an itinerary that would take us to places that we might not otherwise see. Horzonte Tours provided all three; every part of the trip was well thought out and all of our expectations were exceeded. In short, we had a trip of a lifetime and cannot wait to get back for our next adventure. Valleys & Puna Tour, March 2006



In Febuary 2006 I had the great experience of riding a motorcycle from Bariloche to Salta, 3000 KM, over a 12 day period. It was the greatest experience of my life. Horizonte Tours did an unbeliuevable job of setting a course, taking care of accomadations and providing a 1st class bike with full support. Throughout the ride I was greeted to the Andes to the west and the lakes, the deserts, the wineries, the volcanoes and the precious little villages of Argentina to the east. The riding was challenging anf fullfilling. There were nice curvy paved mountain roads, small dirt trails running next to small livers and lakes, and gravel roads to challenge the most experienced biker. All meals were delicious and there was nothing like the taste of a cold Quilmes after a long day riding. The only bad thing that happened was when I had to step of my 65o Trans Alp in Salta, bid it a farewell, and return to normal life. Desert, Water, Wine Tour, January 2006



I have been on many motorcycle tours prior to and a few after my 17 day trip with Horizonte Tours in 2005 and I have to say that my trip to Argentina and Bolivia ranks at the top. The staff at Horizonte did an excellent job with planning and generally making the trip an adventure of a lifetime. The Argentina and Bolivian landscapes were awesome, the roads were very manageable for an intermediate off-road rider like me. We were able to really experience the unique culture of the region and got a great sampling of the various local cuisine and lodging. Our tour guide went out of his way to make sure everything went absolutely smooth and I was very impressed with the overall attention to detail. I would highly recommend a tour with Horizonte-Tours and its highly likely that I will do anther trip with them in the future.