South Patagonia: Bariloche - Ushuaia

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Patagonia, the greatest motorcycle adventure in South America! On the Ruta 40 in Argentina and the Carretera Austral in Chile we ride through Patagonia, visit Torres del Paine, the glacier Perito Moreno and finally get to the southernmost city of the world Ushuaia.

Patagonia, the greatest motorcycle adventure in South America! Starting from the beautiful situated town of Bariloche we’ll explore the National Park Los Alerces with its ancient and giant trees, beautiful lakes and mountains, travel the Carretera Austral in Chile to reach southern Patagonia with its impressive mountains like Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and Torres del Paine and the famous glacier Perito Moreno. Finally we will ride our motorcycles to Tierra del Fuego and the southernmost city of the world Ushuaia.

South Patagonia: Bariloche - Ushuaia
15 days / 14 nights
about. 3600km, 40% gravel roads
4 – 10 riders

09.12.21 - 23.12.21

31.12.21 - 14.01.22

08.12.22 - 22.12.22

31.12.22 - 14.01.23

17.01.23 - 31.01.23

03.02.23 - 17.02.23

somehow difficult
Level of experience

This motorcycle tour is suitable for any motor-biker with some off-road experience who can bare long days on the bike and doesn´t fear the weather.


on BMW F 700 GS: 8.300 US$

on BMW F 800 GS: 8.700 US$

on BMW R 1200 GS: 9.100 US$

pillion/passenger: 4.400 US$

single room surcharge: 1.500 US$

- Motorbike rental
- Third party insurance
- Custom permissions for border crossings
- Multilingual guides
- 4×4 support vehicle
- Mechanical support
- Satellite phone
- Petrol for the whole trip
- Road toll fees
- Ferries
- Maps
- All accommodation (double rooms) in locally typical high quality hotels
- Breakfasts
- Snacks and water on the road
- All dinners, mostly gourmet
- Luggage storage
- Airport transfers in Bariloche and Ushuaia

- Flights
  • - Lunch
    - Drinks
    - Entry fees
  • - Fully comprehensive insurance (excess of 4000 US$)
  • - Additional transport (taxi, bus, train)
    - Tips
    - Travel/health insurances
    - Accident insurances

  • You will be picked up at the airport in Bariloche and brought in the Hotel from where your Patagonia Motorcycle Adventure Tour starts the next day.

    The Ruta 40 will lead us south to El Bolsón and through the National Park Los Alerces to the welsh settlement Trevelin.

    Crossing over to the Chilenean part of Patagonia we’ll hit the legendary Carretera Austral, which we’ll be following for the next 3 days. With it´s very humid climate this fjord area has lush green vegetation and roaring rivers in a beautiful mountain setting.

    We’ll pass the impressive castle like mountain Cerro Castillo, the Dead Forest Valley and the Villages Bahia Murta and Puerto Rio Tranquilo. Then we’ll ride our motorcycles through probably the nicest part of the Carretera Austral in Chile, going round the green shimmering Lake General Carrera having spectacular views of the northern inland ice-field.

    Back in Argentine Patagonia we’ll carry on with our motorcycle adventure on the old Ruta 40 that goes along the main Andes mountains southwards to the village of Lago Posadas, situated close to the beautiful lake Lago Posada and it’s surroundings. On the Ruta 40 again we'll reach a traditional Estancia where we’ll enjoy a typically barbequed Patagonian lamb.

    Carrying on through the steppes we’ll pass lake Cardiel and Lake Viedma to reach El Chaltén, a little Village on the base of the famous granite towers of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. We´ll ride our motorcycles back along Lake Viedma to the Ruta 40 and on the southern shores of shining Lake Argentina we’ll reach Calafate where we visit of the famous Glacier Perito Moreno.

    After crossing into Chile again, we’ll spend the night in a pleasant Estancia close to the Torres del Paine National Park. Visiting the stunning massive of the Torres del Paine National Park we’ll enjoy the Paine Falls, see the Torres Peaks from close up, watch icebergs floating in glacier lakes, probably observe Guanacos, Ñandus, Foxes and Condors. On our way south to Punta Arenas we´ll pass a lagoon with flamingos and will visit the Penguin Colony of Otway.

    We'll put our motorcycles on the Ferry over the Strait of Magellan to reach Tierra del Fuego. After a windy ride over the island we’ll get to Rio Grande. Passing the village of Tolhuin, riding along the immense lake Fagnano and crossing the Garribaldi Pass we'll finally reach our destination: Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the World.

    Note: The tour operator reserves himself to make changes or adjustments to the itinerary at any time.

    Climate & Season

    This motorcycle tour crosses half a continent. We’ll be going from the southern tropic circle down to 55° latitude. We’ll be crossing 4 climatic zones: subtropical, dessert, temperate zone and sub-polar region. That implies we have to be prepared for anything from tropical heat with thunderstorms over dry and hot desserts over rainy and muddy forest to icy and windy glacier regions. Good raingear and warm clothes are as necessary as sun protection.