North Patagonia: Salta - Bariloche

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BMW motorbike tour in South America - from subtropical Salta in northern Argentina to the beautiful lake district of Bariloche, the door to Patagonia.

On this 11 days motorbike tour we’ll be riding from subtropical Salta in northern Argentina through the dessert areas of Catamarca and San Juan, through the wine region of Mendoza and the Mapuche-Indian areas of Neuquén to the beautiful lake district of Bariloche, the door to Patagonia.

North Patagonia: Salta - Bariloche
13 days / 12 nights
about. 3200km, 20% gravel roads
4 – 10 riders

27.11.21 - 09.12.21

15.01.22 - 27.01.22

26.11.22 - 08.12.22

18.02.23 - 02.03.23

Level of experience

This motorbike tour is suitable for any experienced motor-biker with some basic off-road experience, who can stand some long days riding and an eventual rain.


on BMW F 700 GS: 7.100 US$

on BMW F 800 GS: 7.600 US$

on BMW R 1200 GS: 8.100 US$

pillion/passenger: 3.900 US$

single room surcharge: 900 US$

- Motorbike rental
- Third party insurance
- Custom permissions for border crossings
- Multilingual guides
- 4×4 support vehicle
- Mechanical support
- Satellite phone
- Petrol for the whole trip
- Road toll fees
- Ferries
- Maps
- All accommodation (double rooms) in locally typical high quality hotels
- Breakfasts
- Snacks and water on the road
- All dinners, mostly gourmet
- Luggage storage
- Airport transfers in Salta and Bariloche

- Flights
  • - Lunch
    - Drinks
    - Entry fees
  • - Fully comprehensive insurance (excess of 4000 US$)
  • - Additional transport (taxi, bus, train)
    - Tips
    - Travel/health insurances
    - Accident insurances

  • You will be picked up at the airport in Salta and brought in the Hotel from where our motorbike tour starts next day.

    We'll leave Salta southwards through the fertile Lerma Valley, which narrows into the canyon of the Quebrada de Cafayate. This beautiful canyon is striking for its red sandstone formations, weathered by wind and water to bizarre shapes. Through the sandy planes of the Calchaqui Valley we'll ride our motorbikes into the town of Cafayate, the wine capital of Salta.

    We'll visit the impressive pre Inca ruins of Quilmes, and now on the legendary Ruta 40 we'll keep heading south on tarmac and gravel roads through the sparsely populated planes of Catamarca.

    After crossing the rocky pass Cuesta de Miranda to stay in the village of Villa Union we’ll visit the National Park of Talampaya, impressing us with it’s spectacular canyon and diverse fauna and flora. We’ll carry on to reach the Nature Park Ischigualasto (Valley of the Moon) with it’s naturally carved bizarre rock formations which can be visited on the motorbikes.

    On tarmac road through bush land and wine plantations we'll pass San Juan and ride our motorbikes into Mendoza City, the wine capital of Argentina.

    On our way south on the Ruta 40 along the Andes we’ll pass fruit plantations, lakes and the volcano Diamante. By crossing the Diamond River we'll get into northern Patagonia and visit the first highlight of Patagonia, the Atuel Canyon. We’ll carry on through basaltic dessert areas into Neuquen and follow a valley high above the river to reach the volcanic landscapes of Copahue, Caviahue and Pehuenia, with their snow capped volcanoes, and shining lakes seamed by unearthly Araucaria forests.

    On the Pehuenia Circle we´ll enjoy an endless amount of Araucaria trees and lakes and rivers on our way to San Martín de los Andes on the shores of Lake Lacar.

    Finally we’ll enter the lake district of Bariloche on the Road of the Seven Lakes, a stunningly beautiful motorbike ride takes us to Bariloche, the capital of northern Patagonia.


    Note: The tour operator reserves himself to make changes or adjustments to the itinerary at any time.

    Climate & Season

    This motorbike tour crosses half a continent. We’ll be going from the southern tropic circle down to 42° latitude. We’ll be crossing 3 climatic zones: subtropical, dessert and temperate zone.

    That implies that we'll have to be prepared for anything from tropical heat with thunderstorms over dry and hot desserts over rainy and muddy forest to cold and windy mountain regions. Some raingear and warm clothes are as necessary as sun protection and shorts.