Pyrenees - From Coast to Coast

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This great motorbike ride on the Trans-Pyrenees route through Spain and France takes you from Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea to San Sebastian on the Atlantic.

This great motorbike ride on the best roads of northern Spain and southern France takes us through the most stunning mountains of Europe – The Pyrenees. The Trans-Pyrenees route is probably one of the best motorbike rides worldwide. This tour impresses with its beautiful landscapes, antique culture, delicious gastronomy and great rides on small, windy and empty mountain roads. Be delighted by this wonderful motorcycle ride from medieval Barcelona on the Mediterranean to San Sebastian on the Atlantic.

Pyrenees - From Coast to Coast
10 days / 9 nights
about. 2000km
5 - 10 riders

28.05.21 - 06.06.21

25.06.21 - 04.07.21

10.09.21 - 19.09.21

Level of experience

This motorcycle tour is suitable for any experienced motor-biker with experience on small, windy tarmac roads.


On Triumph Tiger 800XC: 2.700 €

On BMW R 1200 GS: 2.990 €

pillion/passenger: 1.700 €

single room surcharge: 600 €

- Motorbike rental
- Third party insurance
- Fully comprehensive insurance (excess of 1500/2000 €)
- Custom permissions for border crossings
- Multilingual guides
- Mechanical support
- Petrol for the whole trip
- Road toll fees
- Ferries
- Maps
- All accommodation (double rooms) in locally typical high quality hotels
- Breakfasts
- Snacks and water on the road
- All dinners, mostly gourmet
- Luggage storage
- Airport transfers in Barcelona

- Flights
- Lunch
- Drinks
- Entry fees
- Additional transport (taxi, bus, train)
- Tips
- Travel/health insurances
- Accident insurances

Our motorbike ride through the Pyrenees starts in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful and interesting Cities in Europe. With its medieval city centre and its modernism character influenced by Gaudí, it's a real pearl of the Mediterranean.At our welcome dinner we will be able to get a taste of the Catalan Cuisine, which is a brilliant mix of modern and classic cuisine with first class Mediterranean ingredients.

Then we will start riding. First along the Costa Brava. This is Northern Spain's rough coast with beautiful towns, lovely beaches and hidden bays. A real paradise to for motorcyclists to explore on the windy roads along the coast.

Towards the end of the ride along the Mediterranean we'll visit the picturesque village of Cadaqués, unique with its white houses along an idyllic bay. A little further we also reach Cap de Creus, the easternmost corner of Spain and of our whole motorbike adventure.

Touring through the Pyrenees we get through volcanic areas and dense forests, ride on twisty secondary roads along wild streams and over mountain passes to reach the central part of this wild mountain range. The never ending mountain roads take us up and down the mountains through Spain, France and Andorra, until reaching the Basque Country with its lush green hills, dense forests. This western end of the Pyrenees terminates in wild beaches with impressive surf.

In the interesting City of San Sebastian our tour takes its turn and heads back to Barcelona and the Mediterranean. We'll get through the wine country of La Rioja, the unearthly desert of Bardenas Reales, Zaragoza with its huge, antique Cathedral and the peaky mountain of Mont Serrat. In the lively city of Barcelona we get of the motorcycles and enjoy the Mediterranean climate and gastronomy again.

Note: The tour operator reserves himself to make changes or adjustments to the itinerary at any time.

Climate & Season

The climate of northern Spain is very pleasant. But in the mountains on the passes and at night it might still be cold In the plains of Bardenas Reales it can get extremely hot. Best motorbike touring time: Mai to July and September to October.