A company with long tradition in motorcycle and 4×4 tours...

Horizonte Tours came into life in August 2003. The idea to offer motorbike tours in South America is based on my 3 year long motorbike tour through Middle East and Africa on one hand, on the other on our knowledge about northern Argentinean and Bolivian culture, geography, geology, climate and travel conditions. Those facts gave us a perfect basis to undertake first class motorbike tours successfully.

Not only the gorgeous South American landscapes, but also the history, culture and way of life of the people, is what we want our clients to experience. We want to keep negative impact on the traditional systems as small as possible, that’s why we tour in small groups only. Small groups are more convenient for everybody, for they are more flexible. This also enables us to design tours individually, and to adjust them to the needs and skills of the participants.

Our motorbike tours are adventure tours on tarmac and gravel roads, but nevertheless they are adequate for average experienced bikers. That means every experienced rider can go on tour with us, even if they don’t have experience on gravel roads or off road.

Although we are touring in thinly populated, not very developed areas and are doing adventurous tours, our experience enables us to choose beautiful locations, comfortable hotels and delicious restaurants to offer you the best available quality.

Since 2006 we offer separate 4×4 off road tours additional to our classic bike tours that can be accompanied in the support vehicle.

Professionals with extensive experience with bike tours and 4×4


Mathias Grill

Born on August 12th 1970 in Geislingen, SW Germany Mathias grew up in Goeppingen. In 1990 he finished his A-levels, and after 15 months of community service at the Red Cross he went backpacking in Asia for six months.Since then he has done a lot of travelling, summing up to 2 years in Asia, 3 years in Africa 1 year in Middle East and 1 year in South America before founding Horizonte Tour in Salta in 2003.Mathias Grill finished his University career in the Eberhard-Karls Univertität Tübingen with a diploma in Geology in the year 2000. His geological and geographical knowledge and long travel experience give a special taste to the Tours, and it is very important for him to train the guides well, so everybody gives the same detailed information about the mountains, people, history and culture.

Matias Villalba

Matias is Horizonte Tours associate and is our main guide for motorcycle tours. Always smiling and with many years of experience he will make you have a lot of fun and ensure a smooth tour, also giving lots of information about people, nature, geology etc.Matias studied tourism in Neuquén in Patagonia and finished his studies in 2004 with a diploma degree. Additionally he made several language courses and first aid courses. He speaks perfect English, good German and is always ready to help out in any situation.

Frank Büttner

Frank lives in Argentina since 1996. As our specialist in the support car, he takes care of the maintenance of the vehicles on the road and a perfect service for our clients. Frank is very experienced handling vehicles and people and is an extremely friendly and helpful company on the tours. He speaks perfect German, English and Spanish.

Daniel & Luis Dibez

The Dibez brothers Daniel und Luis are the official mechanics for the Horizonte Tours motorbike fleet and take very good care of the perfect repair and maintenance of our motorbikes.The whole Dibez family is well known in Salta for their quality work. Daniel & Luis learned motorbike mechanics from their father, they live their work and have made several official trainings with BMW, Yamaha and Honda. Both of course are fanatic motorcycle riders, Luis also races in the national 600cc class, Daniel prefers touring in the mountains around Salta.The fact that both are very experienced and ride motorcycles themselves, makes them being aware that our motorcycles have to be in perfect condition for our adventure tours around South America.

Horizonte Patagonia

Our Patagonia branch is situated in Bariloche, the door to Patagonia. Ingmar Trapp takes care of all the logistical challenges and the technical problems with the motorbikes. As a trained carpenter and bike mechanic, he knows to repair anything that wouldn’t work perfectly. His wife Tania is the heart of the Patagonian Motorbike Tours organization and takes perfect care even of the smallest details. Both are of German descent, Tania was born and brought up in Argentina, Ingmar moved to Argentina in 1996.

Pablo Maciel

Pablo works in tourism since the early 1990s. He is in charge of our 4×4 adventure tours as he specializes as 4×4 guide and mountain trekking guide. Being a charming character, with his experience he takes care that Horizonte Tours 4×4 adventures are good fun, great adventure, safe and just unforgettable. He also goes on the motorcycle tours as a support vehicle driver and motorbike guide.