We who enjoyand work with motorbikes know that there are thousands of users around theworld who dream about getting a moment to jump on a motorbike, leave everythingbehind and getting lost following the asphalt.

TheMotorcycle, regardless of size and/or potency, is one of the best ways totravel the face of the earth. The experience of travelling on a motorbike ismuch more intense than driving in a car - you feel the wind, the cold, theheat, the rain, the sun, you get all the smells along the road like fromflowers, blossoming trees or even dead animals. You are also very exposed to thepeople, they are usually very curious about motorbike riders and very friendly.

Definitely thefeelings of a motorcyclist riding his machine is the satisfaction of dominatingthe machine, feeling it's power  andacceleration and experiencing a huge freedom! Go where the road takes you andstop whenever you fell like it!

Riding amotorbike exposes you to all, puts the occupants of a motorbike in a privilegedposition to feel the landscape that the route offers them for free.On a motorbike trip, the landscape is not seen through a windows from a temperatecabin, both driver and passenger, feel the landscape, living it andbreathing it.

Now travellingon a motorbike is a great experience, but also the riding is good fun! Smalltwisting tarmac roads, high passes with thousands of corners give you a greatsmile on the face. The gravel roads are often a challenge to the riding skillsof the rider, sandy stretches, river crossings, narrow corners, coarse gravelmay take the adventure rider enjoy the challenge and at the same time take him tothe edge of his skills!  

At theend of the day, when the day falls, the engines stop, all these experiences aretasted again, while having a cool beer or a fine wine at a nice hotel andrecalling all the great moments of the day.