Read some details about the towns we stay on the Northern Patagonia Route

Our motorcycle Tour through northern Patagonia takes us via great landscapes and interresting traditional towns. Read more about these fascinating places:


The town is characterized by its agricultural activity and organic farming. Vineyards and olive growing are the most prominent. The Talampaya National Park and its contiguity in the Ischigualasto Provincial Park ("Valley of the Moon") highlighted tourist level. We ride our motorbikes through the Valley of the Moon! Gastronomically, roast goat, pies, homemade bread and wine; candies and nuts of the area are the most popular.


It enjoys an Andean mountain and arid environment, lush vegetation and mild climate. It's very pleasant to ride our motorbikes through this valley. It's broken relief is characterized by the presence of the Sierra de Valle Fertil and of the Huerta, where the productions of handicrafts in wood, stone and ornamental ironwork are typical. The fabrics are made by the "weavers' which still preserve the ancient weaving techniques that are identified in the posts in the region. It is touristically attractive thanks to its docks, saws, stone ruins and museums.


It is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse cultural offer and an important nightlife. It's plagued by trees thanks to the excellent afforestation, it is adorned with architectural styles of ancient and modern buildings. Popular for its National Grape Harvest Festival, Mendoza is among the 21 most beautiful cities in the world.

Mendoza city has hotels and cabins available for visitors interested in eco-tourism during the summer, and skiing during the winter. Her convention centers have positioned the city as an interesting place for conducting scientific meetings of provincial, national and international level, giving rise to a booming congress tourism attraction.

Chos Malal

The motorbike tour also takes us to Chos Malal, a remote town surrounded by the Neuquén River and Leuvú Curi River. High continental climate, with cold winters and summers warm days with cool nights, is characterized by the large number of mineral deposits, currently the natural source more economically exploited.


It is surrounded by mountain ranges and high snowy mountains, glacial lakes and forests of native vegetation. The greatest resource is tourism centered on winter sports, camping, wilderness tourism, hiking, trekking, fishing in lakes and streams and photographic safaris. Water sports and tasting of good regional cuisine, good white wines or candies of the region, roast lamb, trout or salmon patties and “empanadas” make it one of the most preferred tourist destinations. It's probably the most beautiful corner of northern Patagonia and riding our motorcycles through the ancient Araucaria forest is a very special experience.


Nestled in the Andes, San Martin is one of the most important tourist spots in the province of Neuquen and Patagonia. In the summer adventure sports are the most widespread; you can go kayaking, rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting, boating, parasailing, canopy and rappel. Other important activities are fishing and hunting red deer and wild boar. In winter you can do skiing or snowboarding. The motorbike routes around this area are simply magnificent!


Bariloche is the most visited destination of Patagonia and the second most visited of Argentina. Dubbed the "capital of adventure tourism", it offers stunning nature reserves including lakes, forests, mountains and the largest birds in the world. Wood buildings with European-Alpine design and ski centers are the main attraction. The beautiful 7 Lakes Road takes our motorbike tour to this busting town.