Day Of Adventure in Salta: Cachi - The Colonial Village

This day of adventure on motorbike will take you back to Spanish colonial times!

 Leaving Salta on your BMW GS Motorbike you'll be riding along tobacco fields in the Lerma Valley. Then you'll enter the narrow and colourful valley of the "Quebrada de Escoipe", before climbing up the twisty mountain road "Cuesta del Obispo" to reach the 3300 m high pass "Piedra del Molino" which provides stunning views over the valley we just climbed up. Condors on the way are very likely!

You then carry on entering the Calchaquí Valleys. In this regions time seems to have stopped since hundreds of years! Except for some cars and electricity poles, people live their self sufficient lifestyle like hundreds of years back and live in houses built in the ancient way with clay mud walls and roofs.  

After a crispy grilled goat for lunch in Cachi we ride through the "Los Cardones" National Park, a park protecting literary a cactus forest before riding down the Cuesta de Obispo, probably escorted by Condors.


Total distance about 350 km, approx. 20% on gravel roads.


8:00 am: Meeting at Hotel Ayres de Salta Lobby if possible. Handing over of the motorbikes.


 9:00 am: We'll leave Salta on our BMW Motorbikes via Cerrillos and El Carril


Highlight: Tobacco fields and lively villages


10:00 am: Entering "Quebrada de Escoipe"


Highlight: Motorbike ride through the narrow valley and colourful landscapes


11:30 am: Piedra de Molino Pass


Highlight: Stunning views from 3300 m into the Quebrada de Escoipe


12:30 pm: Seclantas Artesano Road


Highlight: See how original handmade ponchos are made by the artesans of the area


13:30 pm: Roast Goat for lunch in Cachi


Highlight: Colonial village. Beautiful plaza, ancient buildings

15:00 pm: Leaving Cachi via Payogasta


16:00 pm: Los Cardones National Park


Highlight: Thousands of Cardones Cacti are populating a vast plain


17:00 pm: Condor view point


Highlight: Beautiful viewpoint over the valley. Often Condors fly around here


19:00 pm: Handing in of the motorbikes in Hotel Ayres de Salta.